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Adrian Francis Counselling

Specialist Counselling Services for the Deaf

Are you Deaf, deafened, or Hard of Hearing? Perhaps you are affected by someone else's hearing loss. Let me help you. Getting in touch is the the first step to getting your life back.


Being profoundly deaf, I am fully aware of the problems associated with deafness and all types of hearing loss.


Many deaf or Hard of Hearing clients can have problems with feelings of isolation, frustration, self-expression and depression. In some cases there are issues relating to boarding school and a feeling of exclusion from the rest of the family and their community.


I can use BSL to communicate with clients, and am a lip speaker and have a loop system. I can also use deafblind manual signing.


Please visit my other website http://thedeafcounsellor.com where you will find all the help that you need.



I am a qualified workplace mediator and so can help provide assistance in employment and domestic disputes. Please contact me for more information.

Deaf Awareness Courses

I provide a number of different Deaf Awareness Courses for a variety of settings. These can be for other counsellors who wish to understand how better to engage with their Hard of Hearing clients, or for businesses who wish to be fully inclusive, and educate their staff to develop effective communication strategies. 


Courses can be tailor-made to suit individual requirements. Please contact me for details.